Ohto Ballpoint Pen "Promecha" NBP-507R

The Ohto NBP-507R Promecha is a ballpoint pen made of aluminum with a fine needle tip. Thanks to the knurled handle, the pen is comfortable and lies stable in your hand. With a length of 135 mm and a diameter of 7.5 mm, this pen is particularly balanced and feels extremely pleasant when writing. An Ohto 897NP refill is included in the ballpoint pen, like in the popular Ohto Horizon. The pen also works with the even thinner leads 895NP (0.5mm) and 893NP (0.3mm).

135 x 7,5mm
Ohto 897NP (0.7 mm black)
Aluminum barrel, steel grip
removable clip
Country of origin
Ohto Needlepoint "Promecha" NBP-507R
This product is currently not available.
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