Uni Limex Ballpoint Pen

Mitsubishi Uni Limex ballpoint pen made of limestone

The Uni Limex is a ballpoint pen with a 0.7 mm refill, and a barrel made of Limex, a new material that mainly consists of limestone. It features a unique flat-sided shape, a top push button that extends the tip and stays down when pressed, and a side push button that retracts the tip and releases the top push button. Limex consists of 80% limestone and 20% polyolefin resin. The material is very easy to recycle and is more environmentally friendly, since neither trees nor water are used in the manufacturing process.

Limex (80% limestone)
10 x 129 mm
0,7 mm, black (S-7S)
Country of origin
This product is currently not available.
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