Ohto Rollerball "Celsus" black

This ink roller of the cult manufacturer Ohto impresses not only with an elegant appearance but also by its technology. The ink comes onto the paper with the help of a special ceramic ball. This ball is made of extremely hardened clay whose finest bumps ensure particularly good absorption of the water-soluble, light ink. A 0.5mm refill in black is included. Optionally, there are other colors and thicknesses.

142 x 17 mm
0.5 mm black
Country of origin
Celsus CB-15C/BK
€22.00 *
Lesezeichen aus Messing Bookmark made of brass
€2.90 *
Uni Limex Kugelschreiber Uni Limex Ballpoint Pen
€3.50 *
"Midori" Traveler's Notebook "Factory Green" Bleistift Traveler's Notebook "Factory Green" Pencil
€40.00 *
"Midori" Traveler's Notebook "Travel Tools" Einlage Passport Size Traveler's Notebook "Travel Tools" Refill Passport Size
€5.00 * €6.00 *
Pilot Kaküno Füllfederhalter grau Pilot Kaküno fountain pen "M" grey
€18.90 *
"Midori" Traveler's Notebook 030 Messing Clip TRC Traveler's Notebook "030" brass clip TRC
€18.90 *
Ohto Tintenroller "Words" schwarz Ohto rollerball "Words" black
€22.00 *
TWIN Feinminenstift rot-grün TWIN Feinminenstift rot-grün
€6.90 * €11.90 *
Maruman "Soho Sketch" Skizzenblock B5 Maruman "Soho Sketch" Skizzenblock (B5)
€11.90 *
SEED "Slendy+" Ersatzradiergummi SEED "Slendy+" Ersatzradiergummi
€1.90 *
Paperways Recycling - Skizzenbuch A4 Paperways Recycling - Skizzenbuch (A4)
€17.90 *