Gongjang travel planner "The Voyage" blue

Gongjang travel planner from South Korea

Travel planner from Korea printed on recycled paper with soy-based inks. The booklet consists of 72 pages and will become an indispensable companion on all your travels. Packing list, accommodation, cost tracking, world map, calendar, and of course enough space to capture impressions and memories. Everything is bound in a small document folder, in which the passport, visitor brochures, as well as tickets can be safely kept. A nice present for someone who is about to travel.

The notebook is produced in a particularly environmentally conscious manner. In harmony with nature, Gongjang has developed a sustainable production process that focuses on minimal waste.

125 x 180 mm (ca. B6)
Number of pages
Recycled paper 80g
Blue cardboard 250g
World Map, Transport Info, Country City, Accommodation, Packing List, Shopping List/Money Plan, Schedule (1 month), Diary/Memo/Cash (17 days), 10 lined pages, 12 blank pages, Personal data
Printed with soy-based inks
Country of origin
South Korea
€9.90 *
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