Hobonichi Index Stickers

Hobonichi Index Stickers

These Index Stickers allow you to mark particular pages of the Hobonichi Techo so that you can open up to the intended page in one go, such as the monthly calendar or the daily page.

The Index Stickers are numbered from 1 through 12 and printed with the same color ink as the Original and the Cousin books. They are made in the same size as the monthly colored tab at the edge of the page of the Original for easy use.

Monthly Calendar Index (1 sticker x 12 months)
Stick this to blank spaces of the monthly calendar for easy access.

Daily Page Index (1 sticker x 12 months)
These are perfect for sticking on the colored tabs on the edge of the Original’s daily page. You can personalize the techo by marking the beginning of the month, or other important dates such as payday.

Monkey Index (6 stickers)
These index stickers in the shape of Hobonichi’s monkey character add a playfulness to your techo.

Free Index (12 stickers)
A set of plain stickers that comes in 12 colors for you to write on or use in whatever way you like.

The Index Stickers uses Yupo Paper, a special material that is more resistant to water and tearing than regular paper. You can write on it with oil-based pens, oil-based markers, and pencil. It is not suited for writing on with gel ink and water-based pens.

117 x 96
country of origin
€5.50 *
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Hobonichi Memo Pad Set for Weeks Hobonichi Memo Pad Set for Weeks
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Hobonichi Memo Pad Set für Weeks Hobonichi Memo Pad Set for Weeks
€7.90 *
Masking Tape 10005 cats Masking Tape cats
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Hobonichi 2021 Kalender Weeks Bow & Tie: Camp Hobonichi 2021 planner Weeks Camp
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Hobonichi 2021 Kalender Weeks Mega Colors: Deep Red Hobonichi 2021 planner Weeks Mega Deep Red
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Hobonichi 2021 Kalender Weeks Toad Lily Hobonichi 2021 planner Weeks Toad Lily
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Hobonichi 2021 Kalender Weeks Deep Red Hobonichi 2020 planner Weeks Deep Red
€25.90 *
Pilot "Fude Makase" Pinselstift braun Pilot "Fude Makase" Pinselstift braun
€3.41 *
Masking Tape 2er Set rainbow Masking Tape 2er Set rainbow
€6.73 *
Uniball Signo Gelschreiber "weiß" Uniball Signo Gelroller "white"
€2.83 *
Pilot G-Tec Gelschreiber rot Pilot G-Tec-C4 Gelschreiber (0.4 mm) rot
€2.14 * €3.80 *
Pilot G-Tec Gelschreiber grün Pilot G-Tec-C4 Gelschreiber (0.4 mm) grün
€2.14 * €3.80 *
Pilot G-Tec Gelschreiber blau Pilot G-Tec-C4 Gelschreiber (0.4 mm) blau
€2.14 * €3.80 *
Pilot Fineliner Grün Pilot Fineliner Grün
€1.85 *
Pilot Fineliner Rot Pilot Fineliner Rot
€1.85 *
Pilot Fineliner Blau Pilot Fineliner Blau
€1.85 *
Ohto Kugelschreiber "Pieni" orange Ohto Ballpoint Pen "Pieni" orange
€7.70 *
Palomino Blackwing Ersatzradierer schwarz weiß Palomino Blackwing eraser black (1 pc)
€5.36 *
Masking Tape "Katze" hellbraun Masking Tape "Katze am Fenster" hellbraun
€3.22 *
Stiftehalter zum Anstecken für 1 Stift quer Pin holder for attaching 1 pin across
€2.63 *
Traveler's Notebook Etiketten-Stiftschlaufe "024" braun Traveler's Notebook "024" pen holder brown
€4.78 *