Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen Collection Light Lavender

The new special edition by Kaweco in the color coral with engraved logo. The color is an adaptation of the Pantone color of the year 2019 "Living Coral". The fountain pen is made of high-quality plastic in Germany and is decorated with silver elements such as a nib and a logo cap. This fountain pen can be filled with standard ink cartridges. The design of the pen with the typical Kaweco shape is made after the style of the 30s. When closed, the fountain pen fits in every pocket with a length of only 10.5 cm. By putting the cap on the end of the fountain pen, it measures 13.5 cm - a comfortable length for writing. A blue cartridge is included. Nib sizes F (fine), M (medium) and B (wide).

Made in Germany

The Kaweco Collectors Edition Coral is not part of the Kaweco standard range and therefore only available while stocks last.

€21.90 *

Nib Size:

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