Twsbi Mechanical Pencil Pagoda (0.7 mm)

TWSBI writing instruments are popular for their high quality and affordability, and the Jr. Pagoda is no exception. This stylish mechanical pencil is made of durable ABS plastic to withstand the knocks of everyday use, and features shiny metal finishes and a tasteful hexagonal body with silver lettering. The comfortable grip is  not only well-designed but also functional, as the six facets of the pencil are accented with gray rubber strips to provide a firm grip. The pencil is lightweight and well balanced for long writing. Under the cap is an eraser that can be extended to expose more of it as it wears down. To extend the eraser, remove the push button cap and pull the eraser further out of the metal holder to expose the desired amount.

max. diameter
9,4 mm
143 mm
ABS-plastic, metal
0.7 mm
white, blue, orange
12 gr.
Country of origin
€3.90 *


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