Ohto Fountain Pen Tasche

The brilliant Ohto Tasche is one of the world's best compact fountain pens. This excellent pen measures just 98mm closed, but opened up becomes a full-size pen at 145mm long. The secret is the extra-long cap, which almost entirely swallows the rest of the pen when closed, but posts firmly onto the top of the pen to create the full length. Cap and barrel are made of aluminium, with a natural finish to the lower barrel, and a choice of glossy lacquer colours in blue, black, pink or silver over the cap and upper barrel. Fittings are chrome-plated brass and steel. The lower barrel measures approx 9mm in diameter, while the closed pen measures approx 10mm in diameter. Total weight is approx 20g. 

The polished steel medium nib has a curiously old-fashioned look and is marked 'Iridium Point'. The Tasche writes very smoothly and very reliably.

90 x 100 mm
standard cartridge
Country of origin
€18.90 *