Ohto Rollerball Liberty black

This rollerball from the cult manufacturer Ohto impresses not only with an elegant appearance, but also with its technology. The ink gets on the paper through a special ceramic sphere. This ball is made of extremely hardened clay, whose finest unevenness ensures particularly good absorption of the water-soluble, light ink. A 0.5mm black refill is included. Other colors and line thicknesses are available as options. The rubberized grip provides extra comfort for longer writing.

ca. 142 x 11 mm
0.5 mm black
Country of origin
€24.90 *
KAMI Notizheft Tomoe River Regular KAMI booklet Tomoe River Regular
€9.90 *
Midori 2020 Index Stickers Numbered Midori Index Stickers Numbered
€4.10 *
Hobonichi 2024 Kalender Weekly Hobonichi 2024 Weekly Calendar
€11.90 *
Hobonichi 2024 Techo Kalender A6 (engl.) Hobonichi 2024 Techo Planner A6 (english)
€39.90 *
Midori Spiralringbuch Stand+ blanko (A5) Midori +Stand A6 blank (A5)
€10.90 *
Ico Kugelschreiber Retro 70 blau Ico Ballpoint Pen Retro 70 light blue
€4.90 *
Ico Kugelschreiber Retro 70 schwarz Ico Ballpoint Pen Retro 70 black
€4.90 *
Pentel Gelschreiber CDT Energel Knock rot Pentel Gelschreiber CDT Energel Knock rot
€3.90 *
cover only: Hobonichi Techo Navy (A6) Hobonichi Cover Colors: Navy (A6)
€27.90 *
Midori Notizbuch MD grid block (A5) Midori MD Notizbuch Grid Block (A5)
€15.00 *
Ohto Tintenroller "Celsus" schwarz Ohto Rollerball "Celsus" black
€24.90 *
Kaweco Tintenpatronen perlenschwarz (6 St.) KaWeCo ink cartridges pearl black (6 pcs)
€2.00 *
OHTO Sharp Pencil APS-350ES OHTO Sharp Pencil APS-350ES green
€6.90 *
Pilot Konverter CON-40 Pilot converter CON-40
€7.90 *
Masking Tape "Liebesbriefe" orange Masking Tape "Liebesbriefe" orange (15m)
€4.50 *
Japanische Aufkleber "Goldfisch" Klebebilder "Goldfisch" (20 St.)
€7.90 *