Kaweco Fountain Pen Sport Collection Smooth Sage

In 1911 something remarkable by the name of Kaweco Sport was created. The pocket fountain pen only measures 10.5 cm when closed. Therefore, you can easily take it anywhere. With the cap attatched, it extends to an average size of 13 cm.

Subtle yet elegant at the same time. Not only in the realm of home & living can sage green be considered a new trend colour. Even more so, when applied to the traditional Kaweco Sport, made out of high-quality plastic, the delicate hue shows its amazing effect. The fountain pen manages to project positive energy and thus create a calming atmosphere, encouraging creativity to take place. Its combination with silver elements gives the fountain pen a unique kind of new vigour.

You can choose between three nib sizes, from fine (F) to medium (M) and broad (B). If you’re not sure which size you want or need, we recommend the nib size M. All nibs and the entire fountain pen are made in Germany. It contains a Royal Blue ink cartridge as standard.

To match the fountain pen, Kaweco offers a large selection of colorful inks, a mini converter, and clips to slide on in gold, silver, bronze, and black.

€23.95 *

Nib Size:

KaWeCo Konverter Mini Sport KaWeCo converter mini sport
€5.95 *
Midori Lesezeichen Schablone silber Midori Clip Ruler Stencil silver
€12.90 *
Mitsou Notizkarten Cutout Cards Apfel (40 St.) Mitsou Cutout Cards Apple (40 pcs)
€5.90 *
Mitsou Notizkarten Cutout Cards Erdbeere (40 St.) Mitsou Cutout Cards Strawberry (40 pcs)
€5.90 *
Mitsou Notizkarten Cutout Cards Birne (40 St.) Mitsou Cutout Cards Pear (40 pcs)
€5.90 *
Midori Büroklammern P-Clips Wal (16 St.) Midori P-Clips whale (16 pcs)
€9.00 *
Midori Büroklammern P-Clips Pingiun (16 St.) Midori P-Clips penguin (16 pcs)
€9.00 *
MT Masking Tape ruler (7m) MT Masking Tape ruler (7m)
€4.50 *
Kokuyo Klebebandabroller weiß Kokuyo Hand-Klebebandabroller weiß
€6.50 *
MT Masking Tape pastel turquoise MT Masking Tape pastel turquoise (7m)
€3.00 *
MT Masking Tape pastel carrot MT Masking Tape pastel carrot (7m)
€3.00 *
MT Masking Tape pastel scarlet MT Masking Tape pastel scarlet (7m)
€3.00 *
MT Masking Tape haimurasaki MT Masking Tape haimurasaki (7m)
€3.00 *
MT Masking Tape salmon pink MT Masking Tape salmon pink (7m)
€3.00 *
MT Masking Tape lavender MT Masking Tape lavender (7m)
€3.00 *
KWZ Füllertinte Grapefruit KWZ Füllertinte Grapefruit
€11.90 *
Masking Tape "Garden" grün Masking Tape Garden grün
€4.20 *
Kaweco Clip Sport schwarz Kaweco Clip Sport schwarz
€5.45 *
KaWeCo Tintenpatronen rauchgrau KaWeCo ink cartridges smoke grey (6 pcs)
€2.00 *
Masking Tape einfarbig "tamago" gelb Masking Tape einfarbig "tamago" gelb (10m)
€3.80 *
Kaweco Clip Sport silberfarben Kaweco Clip Sport silberfarben
€3.45 *
Traveler's Notebook Ablage-Ordner "011" Traveler's Notebook "011" binder
€14.90 *
Kaweco Clip Sport goldfarben Kaweco Clip Sport goldfarben
€3.45 *
Etikettenblock "große Quadrate" (100 St.) Etikettenblock große Quadrate (100 St.)
€5.90 *
Kaweco Leder–Etui Kaweco Stifteetui Leder
€16.95 *
Coccoina Klebestift 10g Coccoina Glue Stick 10g
€2.70 *