Uni Multi-Pen Jetstream EDGE3 white (0.28 mm)

Mitsubishi Uni Jetstream Edge multi-pen with ultra fine lead

Multi pen with black, blue, and red lead. A simple twist of the push button activates the respective color. The Jetstream Edge is the world's first oil-based ballpoint pen with 0.28 mm lead and offers an exceptionally fine and precise writing experience. The Jetstream comes with a special low viscosity ballpoint ink known for its exceptional combination of smoothness, clean lines and rich colors. The ink is oil-based, water-resistant, fade-resistant and document-proof, making it a safe choice for important notes and signatures. The refills are easy to replace, simply peel off the front section to insert a new refill.

plastic, metal
10,8 x 142 mm
0,28 mm, black, blue, red, oil-based
Country of origin
€39.80 *
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