Carl Pencil Sharpener Angel-5 Royal 3

Japanese pencil sharpener for the desk

The Carl Angel 5 Royal gently sharpens to a 0.9 mm or 0.5 mm lead tip with a unique two-stage core feature. The quiet manual hand crank is classroom friendly and the die-cast metal internal gearbox is designed to prevent pencil over-sharpening.

The manufacturer writes

Superb all metal craftmanship to last you for years to come. The high-quality blade sharpens with little force required, making it great for anyone. The housing of the pencil sharpener is constructed from double thickness metal that has an ability to withstand the accidental drop. Aluminum die cast internal gear mechanism provides sturdy and long-lasting blade performance. The blade assembly can be easily removed for cleaning and or replacing. Choose the sharpened tip size by adjusting the knob on the handle. The Carl Angel 5 Royal 3 cutting mechanism automatically draws the pencil into the cutting chamber, producing a perfect point. Once the pencil is sharp, the unique design will not allow the pencil to over sharpen.

Plastic, metal
Acqua Sky
approx. 73 mm x 121 mm x 132 mm
Country of origin
€55.90 *
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