Maruman notepad Mnemosyne lined (B7)

Japanese pocket note pad Mnemosyne 192A

The Maruman Mnemosyne note pad is a small pocket-sized version of the popular Mnemosyne series. It has a sturdy but flexible plastic cover printed with minimal text in gold and white. This plastic cover protects notes from water. Writing on the front and back of each sheet is easy, as the double ring binding ensures that the notepad lays flat. Each page is micro-perforated for clean removal and ruled in gray with 5 mm line spacing on both sides. Every seventh line is bold and divides the page into three sections - this division helps to organize or categorize notes. Rounded corners also prevent the pad from getting damaged when you put it in your pocket.
Note: This is a modified B7 format that is longer and narrower than the standard B7 format.

76 x 115 mm (ca. B7)
Number of sheets
double ring binding
acid-free, 5 mm lined, 70 gsm
black plastic
Special features
smooth paper, suitable for fountain pens
Country of origin
This product is currently not available.
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