Iconic Double Line Pen Sunset Set

Korean marker pens with double color lead

With two colored marker tips on one end, these handy pens are great for decorating your planner, underlining, and adding colorful accents to your notes! The two tips are conveniently located right next to each other, so you don't have to take the cap off and put it back on to change colors. Just tilt the pens to use one color at a time. And since they're the same size as regular pencils, these markers are easy to carry in a pencil case.

This Sunset Colors set includes 3 pens with 6 water-based colors: orange and brown, pink and purple, and sky blue and purple.

90 x 112 mm
two 0,5 mm leads
two colors at the same time
Country of origin
South Korea
This product is currently not available.
€6.90 *