Blackwing Pencil Non-Photo Blue (4 pcs)

Set of 4 non-photo blue pencils

Non-photo blue core with a matte blue barrel, iconic square Blackwing ferrule and white eraser. With their blue, non-photographic cores, these colored pencils are perfect for notes and sketches that won't show up on black-and-white photocopies and can be easily edited out of scanned images. Like other Blackwing pencils, they have a large rectangular eraser that can be easily replaced. The eraser is latex-free, and replacement erasers are available in various colors. Set with four pencils.

With roots in the 1930s, the pencil once developed by Eberhard Faber was discontinued in 1998. After many requests from a wide variety of artists' circles, Palomino finally resumed production in 2010.

Note: For economical sharpening with an unusually shallow angle, we recommend the KUM "Long Point" pencil sharpener.

The manufacturer writes

Our Blackwing Blue pencil features a non-photo blue core that won’t show up in scans or photocopies. It also includes a matte blue barrel, gold ferrule, white imprint and eraser. Each set contains 4 Blue pencils.

ca. 20cm
4 pieces
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