Craft Design Technology Note Band L

Notebook band with penholder

A notebook band with a penholder, developed for large desktop notebooks. With its main component using PVC, which reproduces flexibility and rigidity, and recycled materials, mainly lumber waste, this product was made with awareness placed on environmental conservation, the same as the main notebook component. The transparent main component features a varied scale mark design that suits all sorts of settings, with a 15 cm scale with both millimeters and inches written to make it possible to be used as a ruler substitute, a 180-degree protractor, and a measure printing that allows 11 different font sizes to be checked, from 6 pt on up.A color contrast is created between the black scale, penholder, and the rubber, which is a traditional Japanese design that is well-suited for simple and transparent materials and won’t get in the way of your notebook coloring. By inserting it into a notebook, and wrapping the rubber component, you’ll be able to easily carry notebooks even if they tend to come loose and become disarrayed. You can set it with your notebook and writing materials, offering you greater mobility in the sense of being able to be quickly used when necessary.

176×151 mm
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