Hobonichi Techo Original Planner 2021 A6 (english)

Hobonichi Techo Original 2021 Planner A6 (english)

Japanese calendar for the year 2019 with very thin and unique Tomoe River paper in English. Due to the thread-sewn binding the calendar will lay flat, allowing effortless writing on both sides.
After different monthly overviews, the calendar offers one page per day with sufficient space to write down appointments and notes. Thanks to the thinness of the paper, the calendar stays "slim" and flexible despite consisting of many pages.

148 x 105 x 14 mm
Page count
stitch binding
Tomoe River 52g/qm, acid free
empty pages (2 pages)
yearly overview 2021, 2022
yearly overview 2020, 2021, 2022 (8 pages)
yearly planner  Dec 2020, March 2021 (32 pages)
Daily journal 01.01.2021 - 31.12.2021 (378 pages) one day/page, 4mm grid, day of the year, week of the year, moon phase
empty page for each monthly first day
citation on each double page for the day in Japanese
memo (15 pages)
informational pages for important contacts, intenationals standards, conversion table, My 100, japanese holidays, personal notes
country of origin
€39.90 *
Dailylike Masking Tape 72 welsh corgi Masking Tape welsh corgi
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Tombow Glue Pen Tombow "Glue Pen" glue stick
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SEED "Radarline" Radiergummi SEED "Radarline" Radiergummi
€1.85 *
SEED "Radar" S-100 Radiergummi SEED "Radar" S-80 Radiergummi
€1.85 *
"Midori" Traveler's Notebook Passport 2020 Dokumentenhülle Traveler's Notebook document cover 2020 Passport Size
€2.10 * €5.75 *
Masking Tape 3er Set ball Masking Tape 3er Set ball
€6.73 *
Dailylike Masking Tape 142 alpaca Masking Tape alpaca
€3.22 *
stalogy-024-removable-seal-calendar-s-1 Stalogy calendar sticker 024 small
€8.68 *
Midori MD minimal Notebook A5 Journal Frame Midori MD minimal Notebook A5 journal frame
€13.60 *
Ohto Tintenroller "Words" schwarz Ohto rollerball "Words" black
€21.45 *
Heftring mit Scharnier Carta Pura Binding Ring Ø 32 mm
€0.34 *
Platinum Tintenpatronen Carbon Ink Platinum Tintenpatronen Carbon Ink (4 St)
€5.36 *
Midori MD Sticky Memo Pad A7 kariert Midori MD Sticky Memo Pad A7 kariert
€9.65 *
Midori MD Sticky Memo Pad A7 blanko Midori MD Sticky Memo Pad A7 blanko
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Midori MD Sticky Memo Pad A6 kariert Midori MD Sticky Memo Pad A6 kariert
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SEED "For Color" Radiergummi neongelb SEED "For Color" Radiergummi neongelb
€1.85 *