KWZ Calligraphy ink silver

Polish calligraphy ink for dip pens

A new line of hand-made, permanent, waterproof, pigmented water-based KWZ Calligraphy Ink inks designed for dipped pen (i.e. nib in pen holder). A common feature of KWZ Calligraphy Ink is high stability, excellent flow, and coverage.

Manufacturer information:

They were designed to make calligraphy more enjoyable. KWZ cared to create inks with no feathering effects using a wide range of papers, proper flow from dip nibs, especially flex ones, and the most impressive feature: to develop a stable mixture of gold or silver particles that don’t have to be shaken or mixed during use

Warning: DO NOT use this ink in fountain pens.

pigment ink, wide mouth glass
silver 5702
handmixed, waterproof
Country of origin
KWZ Kalligraphietinte silber
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