Mitsubishi Uni Emott Fineliner No 2 Spring (10 pcs)

Japanese Fineliner Set with 0,4mm line width - mild

The Mitsubishi Uni EMOTT fine liners impress with their style and substance. The pens are hosted in an elegant white case making them a reliable and powerful pen with which you can paint, draw, and write. EMOTT's fine line is clear, beautiful, and colorfast. The strong, robust tip does not bend and ensures a long service life and an even line width at every angle. The lively color coverage and the clear lines as well as the water-resistant, non-bleeding, and light-resistant ink ensures that the work created with the EMOTT looks fresh and lasts an eternity. The 10-piece collection features a slim flip-top case that can be angled for use on a desk and folded back for easy storage.

Set 2 with mild colors 

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