Kaweco "Frosted Sport" fountain pen "M" sweet banana

This fountain pen ist in semi transparent plastics and allows for a faint view into the inner mechanics. Ican be filled with standard european ink cartridges. The long screwing cap is supposed to be posted when writing but makes the pane comfortably short for transport.

The design is typical for the Kaweco witing instruments and looks like it has come straight from the 30s.
Closed, its size is only 4,1 inches (10,5 cm) and can fit into any pocket. When the cap is put on the end of the pen measures 5,3 inches (13,5 cm) and has a comfortable length for writing.

The pen comes with one blue cartridge,

Nib size "M"

Made in Germany

Kaweco "Frosted Sport" Füllfederhalter sweet banana
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