KaWeCo converter mini sport

Small piston-filled converter for fountain pens of the Kaweco "Sport" series.

ATTENTION: Only suitable for Kaweco "Sport" fountain pens. This converter may not be compatible with Kaweco AL or AC Sport Fountain Pens produced before 2016.

KaWeCo Konverter Mini Sport
Kaweco Clip Sport goldfarben Kaweco Clip Sport goldfarben
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Kaweco Clip Sport schwarz Kaweco Clip Sport schwarz
Kaweco "Frosted Sport" Füllfederhalter sweet banana Kaweco "Frosted Sport" fountain pen "B" sweet banana
€15.50 €20.37
Kaweco "Sport" Kugelschreiber navy Kaweco "Sport" ballpoint navy
€13.55 €15.50
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Kaweco "Sport" Tintenroller schwarz Kaweco Sport Gelroller schwarz
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Kaweco "Sport" Druckbleistift transparent Kaweco Sport Druckbleistift klar
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