Sonnenleder pencil case "Kafka" natural

Sonnenleder pencil case "Kafka" in natural

The pencil case is offering space for up to six writing utensils with a lenght of up to 17 cm. With a premium polished metal zip, the pencil case guarantees safe storage for your pens.

Measurements: 18,5 x 4,5 x 3 cm

This product is entirely handcrafted. One can feel the accurate workmanship, the nice smell and the soft touch of the roll-up pencil case at first sight. Leather from South German cowhides, tanned with purely plant-based substances, traditionally tanned in pits. The ecological processing of the leather makes sure each product has a vivid surface. Usage and influence of sun, rain and temperature will create a patina. Thus the pencil case becomes a unique piece, which you absolutely will love.

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