Sonnenleder roll-up pencil case "Kästner" black

Sonnenleder roll-up pencil case "Kästner" in black

Roll-up pencil case offering space for up to three (3) writing utensils with a lenght of about 17 cm. A leather pocket on the side protects the tips. In the additional leather compartment narrow objects like a ruler or stamps can be kept. Two leather straps are used to close the case.

This product is entirely handcrafted. One can feel the accurate workmanship, the nice smell and the soft touch of the roll-up pencil case at first sight. Leather from South German cowhides, tanned with purely plant-based substances, traditionally tanned in pits. The ecological processing of the leather makes sure each product has a vivid surface. Usage and influence of sun, rain and temperature will create a patina. Thus the roll-up pencil case becomes a unique piece, which you absolutely will love.

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