Midori brass pencil holder

Midori brass pencil holder

The pencil is an eyecatcher par excellence. With a clip and a length of less than 10cm it is an object which can easily be stored in the shirt pocket. The wooden stylus has a very comfortable touch and for usage it can be put into the brass holder, which increases the total length of the pencil and gives it the perfect size for comfortable writing. The pencil and the eraser are replaceable. The pencil can be sharpened as usual.

Thanks to oxidation processes the pen starts to develop a unique patina right from the beginning.

Length when closed approx. 10 cm
Length when in use approx 14cm

Manufacturer says: "A pencil that is suitable to carry around during one’s travels. This portable pencil requires an additional step when using it, and this makes the act of writing a little bit fun. When not in use, the shape of the pencil should make you want to fiddle with it. This pencil is made in a local factory that is located in a historical district in Japan"

€24.90 *
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