YStudio ballpoint pen Classic Revolve slim

This series are aimed to create an antipole to the fast moving digital world. This slender ballpoint pen uses twist action mechanism, which is a most directly way to use an pen. It’s simple and durable. You can enjoy this pen during your travel or daily use. The writing utensils are designed to serve for a long period of time and gradually age by creating their own patina. The color of brass would be changed by different users and various environments yet this is also its unique feature. The oxide is harmless. It would restore its original luster by wiping with copper oil. Without any surface treatment, we hope each product can maintain its individual marks by the constant use of the owner.

Material:Brass, Copper
Specs:8 X 9 X 123 mm
Refill:Cross Type Ballpoint Pen Refill

YStudio "Weight of Words" Kugelschreiber
€75.00 *
YStudio "Weight of Words" Minenhalter YStudio pencil lead box
€16.50 *
MT Masking Tape William Morris Granville MT Masking Tape William Morris Granville
€4.90 *
Iconic "le stylo feutre" retro set Iconic "le stylo feutre" retro set
€13.90 *
Ohto Multi MF-20K3B schwarz Ohto Multi 2+1 black
€34.00 *
Masking Tape 2er Set garland Masking Tape 2er Set garland
€6.90 *
YStudio "Weight of Words" Sketch "Brassing" YStudio Sketch Pencil Classic Revolve black
€109.00 *
Ohto Kugelschreiber "Pieni" orange Ohto Ballpoint Pen "Pieni" orange
€9.50 *
YStudio "Weight of Words" Druckbleistift YStudio mechanical pencil Revolve
€109.00 *
Kaweco Liliput Druck-Kugelschreiber Messing Kaweco Kugelschreiber Liliput Messing
€57.50 *
Kaweco Sport Fallminenstift weiß Kaweco Fallminenstift Sport weiß
€16.95 *
Kaweco Liliput Druck-Kugelschreiber silber Kaweco Kugelschreiber Liliput silber
€44.50 *
Cara Pura Stahlmaßstab Carta Pura steel scale 30cm
€7.50 *
Iconic "le stylo feutre" pastel set Iconic "le stylo feutre" pastel set
€13.90 *
Pilot Birdie Feinminenstift Pilot Kugelschreiber Birdie
€10.90 *
KaWeCo SPECIAL Druck-Kugelschreiber mattschwarz Kaweco Kugelschreiber Special mattschwarz
€47.50 *