Kaweco Sport ballpoint fox

Classic ballpoint pen, which can be filled with a short ballpoint pen refill. The design of the ballpoint shows the typical Kaweco shape in the style of the 30s. Its size of 5,1 inches (13 cm) makes it fit into any pocket.

The pen comes with a blue refill.

Made in Germany

Kaweco Sport Kugelschreiber fox
€17.90 *
MT Masking Tape block stripe green MT Masking Tape block stripe green
€3.30 *
Stiftablage aus Eiche "M" Oak pen holder "M"
€22.00 *
Uni Kuru Toga Druckbleistift (0.5 mm) Uni Kuru Toga Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm
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Kaweco Clip Sport schwarz Kaweco Clip Sport schwarz
€4.95 *
Ballograf Kugelschreiber Epoca neongrün Ballograf ballpoint pen Epoca neon green
€4.90 *
Ballograf Kugelschreiber Epoca signalblau Ballograf ballpoint pen Epoca signal blue
€4.90 *
Ballograf Kugelschreiber Epoca feuerrot Ballograf Kugelschreiber Epoca fire red
€4.90 *
Ballograf Kugelschreiber Epoca neonpink Ballograf ballpoint pen Epoca neon pink
€4.90 *
Ballograf Kugelschreiber Epoca korall Ballograf ballpoint pen Epoca coral
€4.90 *
Ballograf Kugelschreiber Epoca papageiengelb Ballograf ballpoint pen Epoca yellow
€4.90 *
KaWeCo Tintenpatronen palmengrün KaWeCo ink cartridges palm green (6 pcs)
€2.00 *
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Thie Studios Grußkarte "Happy Harriet" Grußkarte Happy Harriet
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Grußkarte "Geometric Birthday" Grußkarte Happy Birthday!
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Midori Kimagure Bär Umschlag Midori Kimagure envelope set bear
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Masking Tape "Stripe" silber Masking Tape "Stripe" silber
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€11.90 *