Hobonichi Etiketten Frame Stickers for Dates (1)

Hobonichi Frame Stickers (5 St.)

Set von transparenten Rahmenaufklebern zum Verzieren von Tagesangaben auf den Seiten des Day-Free Kalenders.

Die Sticker zeigen verschiedene Designs und sind auf durchsichtigem Papier gedruckt, welches eine ähnliche Textur wie Pauspapier hat und beschreibbar ist.

Information vom Hersteller:

This set of frame stickers will cutely decorate the dates when pasted in the memo pages or the graph-ruled pages of the Day-Free.

The stickers come in several designs, such as stripes, polka dots and ribbons, so you can choose one that’s fitting to your mood of the day. Under the dates, there’s a small space in which you can write the weekday, weather, or anniversary - anything you like.

The stickers are printed onto see-through paper with a texture similar to tracing paper that can be written on. These stickers will make your page pop when pasted alongside the grids or randomly around the page.

100 x 148 x 1 mm
10,90 €
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