Hobonichi Stempel Techo Planner

Hobonichi Stempel außen/ innen

Stempel in zwei Versionen zeigen das Techo entweder von außen oder von innen. Die Stempel-Außenkanten sind 24mm 

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These stamps feature the iconic look of the Hobonichi Techo cover, with its pen holders and dual bookmarks. The stamps come in two versions: a closed cover showing the exterior and an open cover showing the interior.

The stamp is designed to fit perfectly into the monthly calendar squares of the Hobonichi Techo Planner, Original, and Weeks. (Of course, it also fits into the Cousin monthly calendar squares with room to spare.) Use this stamp on an important day so you can write inside the design and have the entry stand out.

The cute stamp designs were drawn by illustrator Saki Obata and shape the Hobonichi Techo with rounded edges. You can stamp these pictures into your pages with your favorite color ink to add a little flair.

8,10 €


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9,90 €
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3,30 €
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ab 15,90 € 20,90 €
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4,95 €
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13,90 €
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11,90 €
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3,30 €
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3,30 €
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3,30 €
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3,30 €
KaWeCo Tintenpatronen perlenschwarz Kaweco Tintenpatronen perlenschwarz (6 St.)
2,00 €