Hobonichi Stempel Today's Adventure

Hobonichi Stempel "Shinsuke Yoshitake: Today's Adventure (At Home / Outside)"

Zur Auswalhl stehen zwei Stempelsets, "At Home" und "Outside", mit jeweils 16 Motiven.

Die Stempel "At Home" zeigen Szenen von Kindern, die zu Hause faulenzen, oder Gegenstände, die im Haus zu finden sind. Es sind hellblaue und orangefarbene Stempelkissen enthalten.

Die Stempel "Outside" hingegen zeigen Kinder, die draußen spielen, und Gegenstände, die man draußen finden kann. Die Stempelkissen sind gelb-grün und pfirsichfarben.

Information vom Hersteller:

We asked children’s book author and illustrator Shinsuke Yoshitake to create illustrations of children for the Hobonichi Techo, and these stamp sets use those illustrations.

There are two sets, “At Home” and “Outside,” with 16 designs included in each set.

At Home stamps include scenes of children lounging at home or objects that can be found around the house. Light blue and orange ink pads are included.

Outside stamps feature children playing outside and objects that can be found outside. Yellow-green and peach ink pads are included.

You can pick out designs that match your mood, designate a stamp for each family member, or try out all kinds of ideas for using the stamp set.

Because the stamps are reusable, go ahead and use them anytime you want. Use them on days that have no plans or special events so you can turn them into their own little adventures.

107 x 82 x 35 mm
Stempel: Polystyrol, synthetischer Kautschuk / Gehäuse: Polystyrol
21,90 €


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3,30 €
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