Midori MD 2020 Diary A5 Thin

The Midori MD 2020 Diary A5 is a lined notebook with a monthly calendar of 2020 in the front. The lined pages are set up in 8 sections.

The diary covers each month of 2020 in a beautifully zen-like design. The margins of the page are kept somewhat wider than you might expect, but this is done with a purpose. This way you have some extra space to write down memo’s or ideas. We see the use of this Midori MD 2020 Diary A5 as a day to day notebook. Especially when contemplating the year ahead, without having to check your calendar in any other form. Simply flip to the front and make a note if needed. The lined sheets are divided into 8 sections, for small notes, or a daily summary of the week. 

15,00 €