Traveler's Notebook Tokyo Edition Bleistift

TRAVELER‘S notebook TOKYO EDITION Bleistift Messing

"Brass Pencil with TOKYO icon printed on the body. A bright fluorescent orange eraser is included. Both the brass body and the pencil inside are made in a small factory in downtown Tokyo. The Brass Pencil, which can write and erase at anytime and anywhere is truly the perfect pen for travel. A perfect companion for your Tokyo tour."

Messing, Holz
40,00 €
Hibi × Traveler's Company Raumduft Japanese Tea Tree Hibi × Traveler's Company Raumduft Tea Tree
10,50 €
Travelers Notebook Refill MD Papier Passport Size "005" Traveler's Notebook Passport "005" Light Paper
3,90 €
Traveler's Notebook Refill Zipper Case "008" Traveler's Notebook Regular "008" Zipper Case
7,90 €
Refill für Messinghülse TRC Refill für Bleistift in Messinghülse
6,00 €
Classiky Notizblock Hinterköpfe Classiky Notizblock Hinterköpfe
4,50 €
Hibi × TRC Raumduft Geranium Hibi × Traveler's Company Raumduft Geranium
10,50 €
Melamin Schale M elfenbein Melamin Schale M elfenbein
8,00 €
Melamin Stiftebecher elfenbein Melamin Stiftebecher elfenbein
8,90 €
Pilot Gelschreiber Juice Up 05 glossy schwarz Pilot Gelschreiber Juice Up 05 glossy schwarz
3,50 €
Pilot Gelschreiber Juice Up 05 schwarz Pilot Gelschreiber Juice Up 05 schwarz
3,50 €
MT Masking Tape William Morris Pimpernel (7m) MT Masking Tape William Morris Pimpernel (7m)
5,00 €
Hibi Raumduft "Garden" Japanese Wisteria Hibi Raumduft "Garden" Japanese Wisteria
12,50 €
KAMI Notizheft Tomoe River Passport KAMI Notizheft Tomoe River Passport
5,90 €
T-Lab Holzfigur Kartenhalter Katze T-Lab Holzfigur Kartenhalter Katze
35,90 €
Midori Mäppchen flach Midori Mäppchen flach
39,90 €
Verschlussmarken Set Bleistifte Verschlussmarken Set Bleistifte
9,50 €
Bindewerk Mappe Archivar braun Bindewerk Mappe Archivar braun
10,30 €
STORE ONLY: Traveler's Factory "Camera" Charm Traveler's Factory Anhänger "Camera" Charm
20,00 €
Masking Tape nejiriume shu MT Masking Tape nejiriume shu (7m)
3,80 €
SEED "Radarline" Radiergummi Seed Radiergummi Radarline
1,90 €
SEED "Radar" S-100 Radiergummi Seed Radiergummi Radar S-80
1,90 €
Traveler's Notebook Leder-Stiftschlaufe groß braun Traveler's Notebook "016" Stiftschlaufe braun
16,90 €