Mini Folded Card Cocktail

Scout Editions Mini Card Library - 'Old Fashioned' Cocktail

The Old Fashioned cocktail acquired it’s name and was popularised in America but the origins of a cocktail comprising a spirit, sweetener and bitters are English and follow the creation of the first aromatic bitters by London apothecary Richard Stoughton circa 1690.

Riso-printed with soy based inks, on quality FSC certified card stock.

Please note that each print will vary very slightly, making each one one-off and unique. Offsetting may occur, we think add extra charm.

A folded card, blank inside for you to write a message.

Comes with a grey envelope.

80 × 104 mm
Uncoated, FSC-certified
Concept and Design
Scout Editions
Country of origin
Mini Klappkarte Cocktail
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