Mitsou Cutout Cards Strawberry (40 pcs)

These unusual cards will bring a smile to any recipient's face. Write a little note to your loved ones, add them to a gift with a simple string, or use them in your journal pages for a special touch. The cards are smooth and suitable for fountain pens. The illustrations are by Toyko-based artist Mariko Okumara, who works under the name Mitsou.

Each pack contains 40 cards.

Number of cards
printed cardboard
suitable for fountain pens
Country of origin
€5.90 *
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MT Masking Tape slim K matte white (7m) MT Masking Tape slim K matte white (7m)
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Sun-Star Textmarker Dot é Pen pink Sun-Star Marker Dot é Pen pink
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Uni-Ball Gelroller One orange Uni-Ball Gel Pen One orange
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€1.90 *
Uni-Ball Gelroller One hellblau Uni-Ball Gel Pen One light blue
€1.90 *
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MT Masking Tape ruler (7m) MT Masking Tape ruler (7m)
€4.50 *
Klappkarte Eichenlaub-Kranz gold Klappkarte Eichenlaub-Kranz gold
€4.90 *
Klappkarte Wow Klappkarte Wow
€4.90 *
Letterpress 77 Klappkarte Smile Klappkarte Smile
€4.90 *
Kokuyo Klebebandabroller weiß Kokuyo Hand-Klebebandabroller weiß
€6.50 *
Midori Mäppchen breit Midori Mäppchen breit
€44.90 *
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€3.90 *
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€15.00 *
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€3.50 *