Japanese numbering machine 5 digits

automatic and adjustable pagination machine from Japan

Extremely robust and traditional numbering machine in the design of Japanese Art Deco with an integrated ink pad. It allows, for example, the simple numbering of the page number of notebooks, the allocation of reservation and seat numbers, tickets, serial numbers, as well as batch numbers. It takes a little practice, but then it is easy to configure whether leading zeros should be stamped or whether the counter, for example, only continues to rotate with every second stamping process. The setting of the pins and the starting number is done manually on the pins and stamp wheels. An included chopstick will help. The paging stamp can be locked in the rest position. For the inexperienced, gloves are recommended when setting the numberer.

The original stamp color comes in black and contains approx. 10g of ink in the application bottle. The ink dries particularly quickly and is waterproof, especially on hard surfaces such as plastic, metal, or glass.

Number of digits: 1-5
Type size
ca. 2.4 x 4 mm
Number repetitions
unlimited, every time, after two, three, four, six, twelve times
Ink color
Package contents
pagination stamp, ink pad, stick, ink
Country of origin
Instructions in english:
€79.00 *
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