TRC spiral ring book Polar Bear B6 crosswise

Traveler's Company spiral ring notebook with white MD Papier 

The spiral ring notebook vor the sister company of Midori houses 100 blank pages of white MD paper. Thas paper is great for fountain pen writers as well as other instruments. The spiral is copper plated.

190 x 130 mm
B6 crosswise
page count
spiral ring
lightweight cardboard, brown
MD paper white, blank
country of origin
€9.90 *
Ohto Tintenroller "Celsus" schwarz Ohto Rollerball "Celsus" black
€24.90 *
Stiftehalter aus Eiche "S" Oak pen holder "S"
€22.50 *
Kunisawa Find Slim Note blau (A5) Kunisawa Notizbuch Find Slim Note blau (A5)
€15.90 *
Koh-i-Noor Trocken-Textmarker "grün" Koh-i-Noor highlighter pencil "green"
€1.90 *
Midori MD minimal Notebook A5 Dot Grid Midori notebook MD dot grid (A5)
€15.00 *
Masking Tape 2er Set garland Masking Tape 2er Set garland
€6.90 *
Ballograf Kugelschreiber Epoca signalblau Ballograf ballpoint pen Epoca signal blue
€4.90 *
Ballograf Kugelschreiber Epoca neonpink Ballograf ballpoint pen Epoca neon pink
€4.90 *
Midori Design Gem Clips Dog Dachshund Midori Design Gem Clips Dog Dachshund
€5.90 *
KaWeCo Konverter Mini Sport KaWeCo converter mini sport
€5.95 *
KAMI Deskpad und "Weekly Planner" A4 KAMI Deskpad "Weekly Planner" A4 english
€17.90 *
KAMI Etiketten schwarz KAMI Adhesive Labels black (25pcs)
€7.90 *