Makers Cabinet "Hovel" pencil plane sharpener

Høvel is an entirely reimagined pencil sharpener. The pencil plane enables you to whittle your pencil perfectly to any desired point. It’s mechanism also helps to not break the lead of your pencil, unlike the commonly used sharpener, which twists and snaps graphite. Due to the solid brass body, it gains beauty and character with age.

€75.00 *
Makers Cabinet "Iris" drawing compass Makers Cabinet "Iris" drawing compass
€115.00 *
SEED "Super Gold" Radiergummi SEED Radiergummi "Super Gold"
€7.50 *
Makers Cabinet "Hovel" wooden base Makers Cabinet "Hovel" wooden base
€20.00 *
Midori Füller MD Fountain Pen Midori MD Fountain Pen
€33.00 *
Klappkarte "Mouse Mail" Greeting card "Mouse Mail"
€4.50 *
Klappkarte "Birthday Bird" Greeting card "Birthday Bird"
€4.50 *
Masking Tape sptf023 winter forest Masking Tape winter forest
€3.30 *
Masking Tape sptf020 winter dawn Masking Tape winter dawn
€3.30 *
Masking Tape sptf005 mountain sea Masking Tape mountain sea
€3.30 *
Klappkarte "Perfect Marriage" Klappkarte "Perfect Marriage" Turteltauben
€4.50 *
MT Masking Tape einfarbig puderblau MT Masking Tape einfarbig pastel blau
€3.30 *
Diarge Stifteetui Messing Diarge Pen Case brass
€49.00 *
Stiftablage aus Eiche "M" Oak pen holder "M"
€22.00 *
Midori Minimagnete "Katzen" Midori Minimagnets "cats"
€8.50 *
Uni Pin Fineliner 02 schwarz Uni Fineliner Pin-102 schwarz
€2.50 *
Zebra Mildliner Cool Set (5 St) Zebra Textmarker Mildliner Cool Set (5 St.)
€13.90 *
Melamin kleines Tablett grau Melamin kleines Tablett grau
€12.95 *
Melamin Stifteablage navy Melamin Stifteablage navy
€14.90 *
Melamin Stifteablage dunkelgrün Melamin Stifteablage dunkelgrün
€14.90 *
Masking Tape Erdbeeren MT Masking Tape Erdbeeren
€3.30 *
+d Brieföffner "Birdie" schwarz +d Brieföffner "Birdie" schwarz
€9.90 *