Japanese Hourglass

Japanese hourglass made of green glass

An hourglass is a simple timepiece that has been around since the beginning of the 14th century. Its earliest depiction can be found on the fresco "Allegory of the Good Government" by Ambrogio Lorenzetti in 1338 in the Palazzo Pubblico (Siena). The hourglass is specifically mentioned in 1379 in an inventory of Charles V of France. However, earlier sources from the 14th century refer to them as "glass clocks", which were used to measure time. Even if its exact origin remains unclear, it is certain that the hourglass was spread around the same time as the wheel clock.

Since this product is handmade, please use it only as a guideline and do not use it as an accurate timekeeping. The glass body of the hourglass is very sensitive to impacts.

12x7x7 cm (S), 14x9x9 cm (M)
Time measurement
3 minutes (S), 5 minutes (M)
Country of origin
Japanisches Stundenglas
€10.90 *

Measurement time:

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