Kaweco Gelroller Perkeo

Rollerball with 16-edged body for ergonomic writing

The Perkeo rollerball offers modern design for entering into the world of writing, no matter what age. Visually, the octagonal cap and the 16-edged body harmonize perfectly with each other, because the surfaces create a unique play of light and shadow through the different angles. But the Kaweco Perkeo not only has a lot to offer on the outside. The ergonomic grip and the low weight support the posture and enable fatigue-free writing. Particularly convincing, in addition to the adequate price, is the good quality of the rollerball. This makes the pen ideal for starting out at school or in the field of high-quality writing. The Kaweco Perkeo rollerball contains a black EURO refill with a line width of 0.7 mm.

Max. diameter
12,5 mm
Lenght closed
139 mm
Lenght capped
160 mm
Lenght unposted
130 mm
Ink reservoir
Standard EURO refill
Country of origin
This product is currently not available.
€12.95 *

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