Hobonichi Notebook Yamazakura A5

Hobonichi Notebook Yamazakura grid

At 52g/sqm, the outermost thin Tomoe River paper makes it possible to produce a 288-page notebook with a handy thickness of only 8mm. The robust thread binding allows the calendar to be opened flat so that writing on both sides is not hindered. Tomoe River paper, despite its thinness, is characterized by high opacity, which greatly minimizes backside show-through. The paper is not only suitable for lead pencils and ballpoint pens, but also surprisingly well suited for ink. The overall high quality of workmanship ensures that the notebook can be archived and browsed again and again for decades to come, even after long periods of use.

The printing color changes every 60 pages - red, blue, green, purple. The notebook can be combined very well with the Hobonichi Techo Avec.

Information from the manufacturer:

An A5 size notebook with special stitch-binding that allows it to lay completely flat without having to hold it down. The pages are divided into four sections with the use of different ink colors for the grid pattern. The front cover features a botanical drawing of a Yamazakura by Tomitaro Makino.

210 x 148 x 10 mm
Number of pages
Tomoe River 52g/qm, acid-free, 3,7mm grid in changing colors
Country of origin
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