Hibi × Traveler's Company Japanese Cypress

Japanese fragrance matches - Traveler's Company Edition

Natural aroma for 10 minutes every day. Light the incense like a match and surround yourself with the natural scent. hibi is an incense stick that can be easily lit without any tools. It was born from the meeting of two traditional products from Hyogo Prefecture: the incense sticks from Awaji Island and the matches from Harima.

Even on an ordinary day, in the midst of familiar surroundings, triggered by an aroma, the thoughts start to wander. hibi is a small, gentle interruption in everyday life, like a reminder of the view of the sky or flowers that blow in the wind.

58 x 58 x 2 mm
5 incense sticks, non-flammable base
Hinoki (Japanese Cypress)
Matches, cardboard box
limited edition
Contry of origin
€10.50 *
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€4.50 *
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€2.10 *
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€4.90 *
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€11.00 *
MT Masking Tape red (7m) MT Masking Tape red - high brightness (7m)
€3.50 *
Sun-Star Textmarker Ninipie Deco schwarz Sun-Star Marker Ninipie Deco black
€3.90 *
Sun-Star Textmarker Ninipie Deco korall Sun-Star Marker Niniepie Deco coral
€3.90 *
MT Masking Tape slim J matte black (7m) MT Masking Tape slim J matte black (7m)
€5.75 *
MT Masking Tape ten ten (7m) MT Masking Tape ten ten (7m)
€3.50 *
MT Masking Tape knitting tape (7m) MT Masking Tape knitting tape (7m)
€3.50 *
MT Masking Tape layer dot (7m) MT Masking Tape layer dot (7m)
€3.50 *
Kurume Kasuri Mäppchen groß Kurume Kasuri Mäppchen Katsuojima groß
€31.90 *
Kurume Kasuri Mäppchen Ichiwaarare M Kurume Kasuri Mäppchen Ichiwaarare groß
€31.90 *
Kurume Kasuri Mäppchen klein Kurume Kasuri Mäppchen Katsuojima klein
€21.90 *