Midori Paintable Stamp Keep Track of Time

Midori Paintable Stamp - Pre-Inked - Keep Track of Time

Paintable stamp for notebooks, diaries, sticky notes and gifts. The stamp is pre-inked in black color, so you do not need to prepare an ink pad. It is beautiful both as a simple black stamp and as a colorful decoration for your diary. The ink of the stamp is waterproof, so you can paint over the stamp with non-permanent markers. To create a colorful decoration for your journal, you can stamp it first and then use a water-based marker pen to color the stamped image without smudging it.  The stamp can be used approximately 1000 times. When the ink runs out, please refill it with Midori refill ink, sold separately.

95x85 mm
oil based, water-resistant
Stamp color
lasts for 1000 stamps
Country or origin
Midori Stempel Keep Track of Time
€12.50 *
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