Hobonichi Folder Set of 2 Yumi Kitagishi: Little Gifts A5

Hobonichi Folder Set - Yumi Kitagishi: Little Gifts

Tools & Toys is a series of original stationery and accessories that go great with the Hobonichi Techo. A set of folders that fit perfectly into the pockets of the A5 size Hobonichi Techo cover. The illustrations match the Yumi Kitagishi techo covers.

204 x 146 mm
country of origin
€11.90 *
Hobonichi Klarsichthülle A5 Hobonichi Clear Cover on Cover A5
€8.90 *
Hobonichi Klarsichthülle Weeks Hobonichi Clear Cover Weeks
€4.90 *
Hobonichi Klarsichthülle Familiar Sights A5 Hobonichi Clear Cover Familiar Sights A5
€14.90 *
Hobonichi Klarsichthülle Familiar Sights A6 Hobonichi Clear Cover Familiar Sights A6
€11.90 *
Hobonichi Schreibunterlage Tomitaro Makino A6 Hobonichi Pencil Board Tomitaro Makino A6
€8.90 *
Hobonichi 2024 Techo Kalender A6 (engl.) Hobonichi 2024 Techo Planner A6 (english)
€39.90 *
Hobonichi Photo Album Hobonichi Photo Album
€6.50 *
Hobonichi Etiketten Frame Stickers Hobonichi Frame Stickers for Dates (1)
€10.90 *
Hobonichi Schreibunterlage blau A5 Hobonichi Pencil Board - navy x pink A5
€6.90 *
Hobonichi Notizbuch Yamazakura Hobonichi Notebook Yamazakura A5
€25.90 *
Hobonichi Notizbuch Yamazakura A6 Hobonichi Notebook Yamazakura A6
€23.90 *
Kleid Schreibetui Mesh Carry olivgrün Kleid Mesh Carry Pencase olive
€16.50 *
MT Masking Tape William Morris Daisy (7m) MT Masking Tape William Morris Daisy (7m)
€5.00 *
Hibi Raumduft "Garden" Mimosa Hibi 10 Minutes Aroma "Garden" Mimosa
€12.50 *
Pentel Pinselstift Touch hellrosa Pentel Touch Sign Pen Pale Pink
€2.90 *
Pentel Pinselstift Touch hellblau Pentel Touch Sign Pen Pale Blue
€2.90 *
Midori Mäppchen breit Midori Mäppchen breit
€44.90 *
Hobonichi Anything Pocket Hobonichi Anything Pocket
€6.90 *
Hobonichi Memo Pad Set für Techo A5 Hobonichi Memo Pad Set for Techo A5
€9.90 *