Midori cardboard cutter green

This compact cutter with ceramic blade is perfect for cutting cardboard boxes. It can also be used for individual sheets of paper or as a letter opener. The blade is made by Kyocera, which is known for its high-quality ceramic blades. Unlike metal, ceramic is both more durable and rustproof. The robust body made of fiberglass protects both the blade and your fingers when closed. When fully opened, its semicircular shape lies comfortably in the hand. The back is magnetic and can be attached to a desk, refrigerator or other metal surfaces for easy storage.

€14.90 *
Midori Pulp Storage Card Box grau Midori Aufbewahrungskiste Pulp Storage grau
€10.90 *
Midori Lesezeichen Schablone silber Midori Clip Ruler Stencil silver
€15.50 *
Klappkarte Blumengesteck Klappkarte Blumengesteck
€5.90 *
Uni Kuru Toga Druckbleistift Advance Gun Metallic (0.5 mm) Uni Kuru Toga Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm metal
€15.90 *
Japanisches Stundenglas Japanese Hourglass
From €10.90 *
Kokuyo Papierhefter Harinacs schwarz groß Kokuyo Papierhefter Harinacs schwarz groß
€21.90 *
Midori MD Bleistift Midori MD Bleistifte (6 St.)
€9.00 *
KAMI Leinennotizbuch KAMI notebook with linen cover
€29.90 *
KUM "Long Point" Spitzer KUM "Long Point" Sharpener
€7.90 *
Midori Pulp Storage Schreibetui grau Midori Schreibetui Pulp Storage grau
€9.90 *
Life Writing Pad Noble Pad lined (A5) Life Writing Pad Noble Pad lined (A5)
€12.90 *
Hibi × Traveler's Company Raumduft Japanese Cypress Hibi × Traveler's Company Japanese Cypress
€10.50 *
Yamamoto Paper Tasting Onionskin - Bild weicht ab Yamamoto Paper Tasting Onionskin Vol. 1
€8.90 *
Midori Buchband Mäppchen olive Midori Buchband Mäppchen olive
€26.00 *
Seed Radiergummi für Kugelschreiber 512 SEED Eraser "Radar" S-60BK
€1.90 *
Pentel Pinselstift Touch schwarzblau Pentel Touch Sign Pen Blue Black
€2.90 *
Pentel Pinselstift Touch olivgrün Pentel Touch Sign Pen Olive Green
€2.90 *
Hibi Raumduft "Japan" Sandalwood Hibi Raumduft "Japan" Sandalwood
€11.00 *
Hibi Raumduft "Japan" Yuzu Hibi Japan 10 Minutes Aroma Yuzu
€11.00 *
Traveler's Notebook Regular Leder olive Traveler's Notebook Regular Size olive
€59.90 *
Buchbinderschere 16 cm Bookbinder scissors 16 cm
€29.90 *
KAMI Tomoe River Schreibblock (A5) KAMI Schreibblock Tomoe River (A5)
€18.90 *