Midori cardboard cutter green

This compact cutter with ceramic blade is perfect for cutting cardboard boxes. It can also be used for individual sheets of paper or as a letter opener. The blade is made by Kyocera, which is known for its high-quality ceramic blades. Unlike metal, ceramic is both more durable and rustproof. The robust body made of fiberglass protects both the blade and your fingers when closed. When fully opened, its semicircular shape lies comfortably in the hand. The back is magnetic and can be attached to a desk, refrigerator or other metal surfaces for easy storage.

€14.90 *
Klappkarte Blumengesteck Klappkarte Blumengesteck
€5.90 *
Klappkarte "Mouse Mail" Greeting card "Mouse Mail"
€4.50 *
Japanisches Stundenglas Japanese Hourglass
From €10.90 *
Midori Letter Paper Midori Schreibblock Letter Paper
€7.20 *
Apica Notizheft CD-11 liniert dunkelblau (A5) APICA notebook CD-11 A5 navy
€4.90 *
SEED "For Color" Radiergummi neongelb Seed Radiergummi For Color neongelb
€1.90 *
KAMI Leinennotizbuch KAMI notebook with linen cover
€29.90 *
Midori Pulp Storage Card Box grau Midori Aufbewahrungskiste Pulp Storage grau
€10.90 *
Traveler's Notebook Regular Leder olive Traveler's Notebook Regular Size olive
€59.90 *
Stiftablage aus Eiche L Oak pen holder L
€33.00 *
Midori Kalenderstempel Midori Paintable Stamp Calendar
€12.90 *
Apica Notizheft CD-11 liniert weiß (A5) APICA notebook CD-11 A5 white
€4.90 *
Hobonichi Index Stickers Hobonichi Index Stickers
€6.00 *
Kaweco Sport Kugelschreiber grau Kaweco Sport ballpoint grey
€18.95 *
Kunisawa Find Note Soft Notizbuch Kunisawa Notizbuch Find Note Soft grau
€36.00 *
Kunisawa Find Smart Note schwarz Kunisawa Notizbuch Find Smart Note schwarz
€12.90 *
Kokuyo Papierhefter Harinacs schwarz groß Kokuyo Papierhefter Harinacs schwarz groß
€19.80 *
Midori 2020 Index Stickers Numbered Midori Index Stickers Numbered
€4.10 *